Back again after a short break... Phillip and Vic discuss games sitting on their shelf of shame or more correctly shelf of opportunity 

In which we speak to the Mark Mckinnon from Dream Big Games about his post apocalyptic game Wreck and Ruin and his journey to get it published.  If yo...View Details

So we took a break, why? Well Phillip explains why and despite what he says I'm as much to blame as him   Huzzah!

Vic and Phillip are joined by Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules! for a really interesting discussion on documenting boardgames, handling the truth  and al...View Details

And now for something completely different... Welcome baseball fans and OH BOY do we have a game for you this evening Phillip v Alex in his last home ...View Details

Phillip and Vic discuss games that rate below 500 on BGG but are still really really good Join us for a chat on lesser know game that you should not m...View Details

Phillip and Vic talk to Raymond Chandler III, designer of City of the big shoulders and all around good guy.  We delve into what it's like to be a gam...View Details

Phillip and Vic discuss all things boardgaming online while we sit out the Corona Virus.    How to get your game on with your gaming friends (enemies)...View Details

Episode 18 - Glenn Drover

 The Legendary games designer Glenn Drover Joins Phillip and Vic for a chat about all things gaming.

Glenn Drove...View Details

Episode 17 - Quackalope

Phillip and Vic talk to the nice people from Quackalope one of the hardest working boardgame vbloggers in the business Hurrah!  

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