Phillip and Vic discuss bringing new gamers into the fold and gateway games

Con Season EPISODE 11

Phillip and Vic have a catch up and a discussion about some of the awesome board game cons in the states

Phillip and Vic discuss what they did last summer and Knavecon on tour's recent trip to Essen

Phillip and Vic discuss what the plan is with the podcast and what we plan to cover in the future   Enjoy Vic

Phillip and Vic talk about Worker placement games and their favourite ones  

Episode 3 BGG con

Phillip and Vic discuss BGG Convention and various gaming chat

Episode 6 Kickstarter

Vic (a kickstarter noob) and Phillip (a  kickstarter vet) talk about all things Kickstarter and the usual banter about gaming

Episode 5. Top 10 games

Today we talk about our own top 10 games (so far). 

Phillip and Vic discuss how changes in tax laws in the states will affect gaming companies and the rise of Apps in board gaming along with future pred...View Details

Phillip and Vic discuss what they enjoy playing around holiday time

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